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[29 Aug 2005|03:22pm]
yeah. In case you haven't seen Desu liek. Everywhere.


SM Town Summer Vacation

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[19 Aug 2005|10:52pm]
*sigh* I wish Shmegs would hurry up and get settled so we could both do the rotation again. D: Oh well~ 8D

Something for everyone~

Mission in Taisakusen
Orange Range
Jrock...y. light jrock? 8D j something else?
SEKRIT. SPY. MISSION. This song... it's liek the theme for someone who almosts keeps messing up some sort of craxy mission. XD I still love it. 8D ...I still love Orange Range. ...a lot.

W-inds FEAT. Ayumi
Wow this actually sounds good for a live. 8D Ayu wrrks well with W-inds. lsdfhkhfku And jeex RYOHEI AND RYUICHI SING RILLY HIGH. XDDD EVERYBODY HAVE A PARTY~ hdfskh losars 8D...if you don't liek Superlovers, I don't know wat's wrong with you <3

Gackt Balancing ice cream on his head
...Gackt. duh.
This is just dumb. XDDDD Shmegs agreed that she too wanted to be in this grocery store. 8D

Free style
Miura Daichi
This was recently featured on a fanvid one of Desu's friends was promoting, and mang. This song is catchy. The fanvid was amazing too. But anyways, I LOVE MIURA DAICHI I LOVE FOLDER AND I LOVE EVERYTHING o_ x THIS SONG. fun to dance to. 8D

Eusha Eusha
..more crack!
Shinwha. Has. Mental issues. XDDD If you liek walking rilly stupidly, get this song. It borrows the tune of some old song (you'll know it when you hear it 8D doo a diddy diddy dum diddy doo) I don't know the name of, but it's so much more groovy here.

Generous Tree
Moon Hee Jun
Angsty bucket with pianos 8d
MOON HEE JUN. GET OVER HERE. WAT DID I SAY ABOUT MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. ...if you haven't heard Devil of Angel as well, I may have to kill you. o_ q He's liek. The queen of angsty music. I mean King. ...Queen.

Koda Kumi FEAT. Clench Blista
This song. is so. rawk. \m/ It makes you want to liek, break dance. The first part is cool, and then Kodaku comes in and jeex. catchy. ; D;

Wagamama Koushinkyoku
Antique Cafe
I don't think we uploaded this yet. o_ q if we did. so wat. The part starting at 0:58 makes me laugh. and sing alongnngsdhfs 8D get~

Plx tell me if anyone is jerky enough to delete files off the new host 8D Ciao~
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[28 Jul 2005|01:24pm]
Allllright let's try again shall we? 8D hrhtieuhr here is shmegs and desu apology rotation, blah blah desu= new computer shmegs=moving have fun p_ o

I was Born In Beijing (Remix)
Leon Lai
I I I was born in beijing 8D

Ibara no Namida
L'arc en ciel
Hxc chorus oAo

Samurai Mania
Orange Range
hxc-est chorus evar. o_ q

Have fun 8d...again
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[10 Jul 2005|01:02am]
Yo sup! 8D We are liek, so back. Finally. Ran into a bit of uh, trouble, down at
the Bermuda Tri-ganle (c) but you know what, we can handle it. \m/ 8D So chill,
get some of this music picked basically at random, woo. Go crazy. ...crazy cool.
P.S. No favorite moments this week, so find yours before Desu does!

Soori Soori Ma Soori
Alienteaparty song
Lee Jung Hyun
We picked this song up from some...friends we met while in the tri-ganle. They
were blasting it really loud for some reason. ...Saying something about 'limiting
our movement'. And screaming about a teaparty. Oh well. 8D It's a fun song. Fun
to sing as~

Geisha Reconstruct
ewijjdkhui 978979583)_DOPOPXOKOPS X"CXL:KSIDSO ^_^ juifdshxxx....llwaodsiof n_n
ifdsjww125434 546 jdsle;''\}|']xfds AQ"? JFHSHDUISkjcnui!~~~:3

Psycho Le Cemu
Nice crazy rebellionsounding song 8D Get some friends and yell along with it. Not
your typical Psycho Le Cemu. This is from their latest ...album? Or was it a
single... 8D...Not so much angsty rebellion as energetic rebellion. 8D

Okashi Tsukutte Okkasi
Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.
This sounds more like something Momusu would do, actually, but it's got that
minimonicrack (TM) edge to it. 8D YOu may not like it at first, but I GUARANTEE
that a month from now you'll find yourself saying "Okashi. Okashi. Sore wa
okashi. o_q"

Kiss The Bats DISCO 4 THE DEAD
Sneaky Bat Machine
This song is really fun to listen to. 8D If you love dancing and cool songs and
neon graveyards and groovy vampires and iron fences this is so for you. o_q Desu
loves it, Shmegs loves it, you love it...those are some big bats. 8D

Xian Shang You Xi
Huang Yi-Da
Hm I think I got this from Yoru 8D *thinks* Ohwell. This song is pretty hxc. I
liek this song a lot. It's liek, one of those weird movies where everything turns
out well okkkk! xDDDD I can see a happy day playing out to this song! 8D
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[23 Jun 2005|06:56pm]
lalala 8D

Me n' Desu are going on a vacation to the Bermuda Tri-gangle.

Sooooo we won't be updating until next............week.
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ROTATION 0003 8D [17 Jun 2005|08:32pm]

Aho Matsuri
Comment: Iddiiooott fesstiivvall 8D~That fits myv-sensei perfectly~The beggining part is just yes. It's fun to listen to 8D. So go. Listen.

Antique Cafe
Comment: Ahaha, you thought Antique cafe couldn't get any weirder, huh 8D?! It's worth listening to. XDD You get to hear Miku's donald duck voice and Bou saying 'nyan nyan' like seventimesinarow. NYAAA~N.

Papamama Nozomare nu Baby
Comment: ;-; Yes. another...miyavi song. I'msosorry. It's just really cool XDD~I dunno but I like it. Miyavi's voice is so neat 8D................But what is with the name 'Maria' and japanese songs...? It gets annoying. I think Myv's engrish gets better everyday~ 8D


Lost Heaven
L'Arc En Ciel
PSST. This is. A sneak peek (well more like A SEKRIT FILE). Of the Fullmetal Alchemist/Hagane Ne No Renkinjutsushi
movie theme song. ( Fullmetal Alchemist and the Conqueror of Shambala) This song makes me cry. XD
Favorite part: Near the end when the Yeahyeahyeah part starts and it becomes pure awesome. ;-;

Stefanie Sun
This song sounds like the theme song for some crazy city in a game, you know, ancient like but still advanced. It's so cool, and I love her voice. This is a dramatic awesomeawesomesong. ...I just realized this rotation lacks crack. XDDDDDDD Well, maybe the next one will remedy that...
Favorite Part: Whole thing, 2:52

LolitA*Strawberry in summer (5 SweetS 04' Mix)
Jdancepop \m/
...what can I say about this song. It's just cool, awesome dancy pop. Techno type funk. It's a pywoi walking song, definately made so you'll walk with a bounce in your step. Getgetget. Totally schway 8D Makes you wanna dance into the night.
Favorite Part: All of it; When they say 'strawberry'

That's it for now 8D Goodbye everybody~
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ROTATION 0002 8D [10 Jun 2005|03:26pm]
[ mood | curious ]


J-Rock/Heavy Metal
I just got into the band ‘merry’ like a few weeks ago and I love it ;-; The beginning to this is reaallyynice. The first time I listened to it I’m all. HEY WHY DOES THIS SOUND SO FAMILIARRRRR. And I still dunno why it does. The vocals are the BEST . Just. Wow it’s addicting oAo

Yuuyami Suicide
My all time favorite pierrot song >3<~~Kind of bigband-ish rock, but it’s hot. Hot. HOTHOTHOT. I love his voice….it just makes you wanna sing along XD;;; and the lyrics are pretty. The gee-tar solo is awesome \m/ and if you ever get the chance. Watch. The. Pv. *weirdgiggle*

Etsuraku Shoujousen
FREAKING JROCK TANGO oAo……… sufjhxkhfdoiajfioa I LOVE IT. It’s crazy go nuts :’D Just listen to it. *tangowithflowersandmusics* I’m totally new to DoremiDan but I love their music so far. It’s really unique<3. And they even model for takuya angel clothing <3sjhuifhxjkhfdsuihfsui*joy*


Dalla Dalla
Lee Jung Hyun
Ahhahaha this song is fun 8D Makes me feel like spinning around when it goes 'Dalla Dalla'. And the beginning's like, crazy cool. XDD So love~ 8D
Favorite Part: 1:30, 1:43, 2:39

My Microphone
...etfIdunnoC-pop?Lowkey groove
Will Pan
...EomgIlovethissong. ;D;~~~~~m It's so weird but so ultimatelygroovy and hip and makes you just wanna be cool you know? 8D You will start singing this to people and teasing them with slightly suggestive dance moves and stuff will become a lot more fun~ XDDD
Favorite Part: 0:19, 1:27

Marunouchi Sadistic
Tokyo Jihen
Shiina Ringo sang for them. ...I have...only to say...get this song. The volume isn't very high, but this song makes you feel like just swinging down the street it's so veryvery cool. Reminds me of those old rag songs almost~ <3 With the pianos and happy music~ getitgetitgetit.

Thanks for downloading and stuff you guys are awesome \m/ 8D Have fun~ As always, please report anything wrong~


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ROTATION 0001 8D [03 Jun 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]


Roman Hikou (pop tune)
dusyfuidxyhjkhdxuidshi D: I lovelovelove roman hikou. It's just so..happy and yeeesss \m/. You hafta listen to it 8D It makes me wanna…….FLY 8D!

Candy Holic
Antique cafe
..rock...? XD
Addicting song XD~Just like those cool lifesaverfusioncanddiiess o___o with the pretty colours. It's kinda odd, but Miku's voice is adorable XD. And the gee-tar part gets stuck in your head easily :D. Anticcafe is the best

Music Hour
Porno Graffiti
Jpoooppp :D I love this song. It's so bright and yeess. It makes me wanna have my own radio station 8D….Hmn..reminds me of space channel 5…*ulaladance*


I yah!
Popular Rock.../classical
fdjojpobestsongevar. I love this song sosososomuch ;D; It's just THAT COOL.
Best part: 4:11, 3:29 at 'upset', whole thing

Chou Supa Happy
...pop on crack. XD
THIS SONG IS LOVE. D: And it annoys my family. Good to sing VERY loud walking down the street. 8D
Best Part:4:08

Strawberry Sex
Hirai Ken
Groovy Pop
...makes you feel like AWESOME OK. 8D Just get it.
Best Part: ...JUST LISTEN. XD

Please tell us if anything is out of downloads or doesn't seem right. 8D..

POLL: How many songs? More, less?

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